Fast-track to plain language

Simplified is holding another open course in Johannesburg on 24 and 25 June


Unclear communication wastes time and money

Colleagues misunderstand each other, and customers don’t understand your products and services, giving a poor impression of your company.

A Simplified plain-language course leads to:

  1. Clearer, more customer-focused communication
  2. Faster writing and sign-off
  3. Meeting plain language requirements of laws and regulations

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Plan documents so that you remain focused – and never suffer from ‘writer’s block’ again
  • Structure documents to guide readers to the information that they want and need
  • Write clear, active sentences in a professional tone
  • Design documents that people will want to read

You can apply the principles to every type of business content – from emails and letters, to mobile interfaces, reports, policies and contracts. The course is aligned with the clear communications principles in various laws and regulations, including the Customer Protection Act.

Over 9 000 business people have attended our courses in South Africa, the UK, Portugal, Kenya, Nigeria and Namibia.

To join our plain-language course, South Africa, please contact us .

But be quick – we have limited spaces and we have already sold out our previous courses.


Plain English writing courses

Our plain-language course, South Africa,  uses easy-to-understand modules