Not just information, correspondence must drive action.

When your company sends out a letter, email or SMS,  it’s to get something done – it could be a decision on a new type of health plan, agreement on revised terms conditions, or confirmation of payment. Customers need to see what you want quickly and to understand the message on first reading. Otherwise, your communication is likely to be mindlessly filed, or even thrown away.

The problem is that correspondence needs to reflect policies, compliance requirements, business processes and brand values. That’s why, at Simplified, when we approach these types of projects, we view them strategically.

Some examples of our projects:

  • Large scale rewrites of servicing letters for established insurance and banking clients
  • All customer correspondence, including letters, emails and SMSs for a start-up short-term insurer
  • Templates, guidelines and example letters for high-level ombud responses
  • Letter template and guidelines to help lawyers in a large law firm communicate better with their clients
  • Training quality assurance and Treating Customers Fairly principles for call centre staff