About us


I’ve been most impressed by the fact that Simplified comprises experts across a broad range of communication issues. From research to software packages to the latest legal developments, Simplified is able to offer a truly comprehensive solution.
I’ve also appreciated your flexibility and willingness to understand our business and our issues. Simplified has been able to offer us a tailor-made service that’s still based on the latest thinking in the field and international best practice.
Amanda, Content Manager in a large insurance company
’’A strategic partner’’

We have collaborated with Simplified for 18 months on a number of initiatives, including:

  • developing a plain language policyholder communication strategy
  • creating documents which incorporated plain language as well as tone-of-voice and information-design concepts
  • planning plain-language capacity-building within the company, including training legal and operational staff.
Our interaction with Simplified can only be defined as a strategic partnership at its best. Frances and Candice deliver consistent work of a high quality and within the required deadlines. It is a pleasure to work with them.
Rietha, Communication Manager in a blue-chip financial services company
’’A document unique in its transparency’’
Simplified was commissioned to put together detailed business profiles for supporting tender applications. The profiles included comprehensive information; we needed the structure to be set out in a way that we could add to the profiles over time. The document has been a success and is unique in its transparency when used to introduce the organisation or for tenders.
CEO of a stockbroker